Friday, March 6, 2009

What To Do if You Need Surgery and Have No Insurance

Dear Healthcare Lady,

I injured my foot and the doctor says I must have surgery right away. I do not have insurance. What should I do? Nancy

You are in a really tough spot but there are options for you. Because you have an emergency situation you should call the business office of the largest hospital or most reputable hospital located in your area. If you have a large medical center nearby call each individual hospital group and ask for their charity care guidelines. Many hospitals offer charity care but you will need to meet certain income and other requirements to be qualified. If you are not qualified for charity care at the facility you are calling, ask if they can direct you to a group or organization where you can get help.

There are many groups where help is available and you must take the lead in seeking them out.


Rockford Health System

St. Peters Health Care System

Charity Care at Wyoming Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center

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