Thursday, July 23, 2009

American Healthcare System...Is it broken?

Healthcare is in the news this month. The Obama administration is pushing HEALTHCARE REFORM that will change the way you access medical care forever if enacted. Because of the life changing implications of this plan it is important for every one of us to become informed about these changes. If you do not like what you see happening it is time right now to make your voice heard.

There is no doubt that changes need to be made but we need to think long and hard before following Canada, England, and Europe down the road to UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. I worked in the healthcare industry for many years and am personally acquainted with a number of Canadian healthcare workers who explained the system to me personally. There are some benefits to the system. It works particularly well if you are not really sick, young and healthy, or starting a family. The benefits to families during and after pregnancy are great. Mothers and fathers are paid to stay home for a year. You go back to work for six months and have another child and you can be off for another year. Very good benefits!

Unfortunately, there is a darker side to this story. As a patient if you have a serious medical emergency it will be necessary for you to get in line for everything from your visit to a specialist to getting necessary scans to getting the surgery. Hospital time is rationed and you may need to wait for a year for the first scan. There is a reason why Canadians are coming to the US for treatment. They are unable to get treatment in Canada. Many come here for charity care as well because many of our medical groups have charity care guidelines that offer treatment to many people on a need basis.

This is just a glimpse of healthcare as it is around the world. The implications for Americans is frightening. No reasoning person believes that our HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is perfect. But there is a reason why people from all over the world are trying to get into this country for treatment and other reasons.

We are a pround and sometimes arrogant people. We are accustomed to our freedom to choose. But we tend to be apathetic until something rouses us to move. This is one of those signal moments that we must do something or things will change. If we do nothing here is what you can expect:

1. The rate of cancer deaths in Canada is a staggering 16% higher than in the United States.
2. RATIONING OF HEALTHCARE. At present in the United States the wait for a doctor appointment is weeks to months depending on the specialty.
3. When the government controls the salary of doctors, more doctors will seek other careers. We already have a shortage of primary care doctors. Currently only 2% of graduating doctors become primary care physicians.
4. Right now over half of American doctors do not accept Medicaid. The new plan will change Medicare and Medicaid to include many new types of patients. These are the programs that will be in place under a new healthcare system. What do you think will happen when 50,000,000 patients are added to the mix. That is the number being bandied around to provide mandatary coverage to all Americans including illegal aliens.
5. A large number of people who will not receive treatment will be the over 60 group.

These staggering statements seem almost too horrifying to believe and the rhetoric of some off the wall crazy, but these statements are being made every day by the mainstream media and we would do well to listen. The most horrifying thing I know is that NONE of the US Senators have any intention of reading the current bill for HEALTHCARE REFORM before VOTING on it. The bill is too large to read. That should offer a WARNING FLAG to any reasoning person.

I have listed web sites for your Texas state senators and the US senators for Texas. You would do well to contact them and encourage your friends to contact them to let them know how you feel about the presently offered changes in healthcare. You can make a difference. NOW is the time to act.

U.S. Senators from Texas
House of Representatives...TX
Texas Governor Office
Texas State Senators and Information
Alternative Healthcare Now

Healthcare Reform Cost Visualization

Healthcare Reform Fraud

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